Ashes to Maples Pair

Ashes to Maples Pair

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The Ashes to Maple Pair comes with TWO trees and tree guards.

European Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia):
A hardy selection with an upright rounded form producing orange-red fruits in clusters providing a winter food source for local birds.

Height: 23 feet
Spread: 16 feet
Light requirements: Full sun

For more information and images of this tree

Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum): Known for its traditional maple leaf, this faster-growing tree is good for a large space.

Height: 39 feet
Spread: 26 feet
Light Requirements: Full sun

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- We are unable to substitute trees within packages.

- Your trees must be picked up on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at Crescent Drive Park during our Arbor Day celebration. We do not have the capacity to store trees before or after the event. You will be prompted to enter a preferred pick-up time at the time of puchase. 

- Trees not picked up during the event will be donated on your behalf and transplanted elsewhere in Winnipeg. Refunds are not provided.

- These trees come in pots and are approximately two to five feet tall. They are easy to transport as most trees fit in a regular-sized car. Transportation can be messy, so we recommend covering your car seat or trunk with a tarp or blanket.

- When checking out, we will ask you to provide us with an address or approximate location. This information will be used to register your trees as part of the One Million Tree Challenge

Call Before You Dig: Do not attempt to plant your tree until you know what is in the ground underneath. Submit the location to or call 1-800-940-3447 and allow at least three working days for a response.

Trees should not be planted under power lines.

Tree Planting and Care Workshops: Young trees may not live their full lifespan if they don’t receive proper planting and care early on. We ask that you register for a brief 15-minute tree care workshops with a certified arborist that will double as your pickup time.

We suggest that for other tree inquiries, you seek the advice of a certified arborist. Visit our "Find an Arborist" web page for more information about what arborists do and how to find one in your area.