FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReLeaf?

Every year, Trees Winnipeg offers its ReLeaf Tree Planting Program available to private property owners (commercial, residential, etc.) in Winnipeg.

For $75.00 per tree package, you can order online from our diverse selection of high-quality trees. Each package includes your tree(s), trunk guards, and proper tree planting information to help you give your new tree its best start in life!

All tree packages are assembled and distributed by Trees Winnipeg volunteers on ReLeaf day when orders are picked up. This Spring, ReLeaf pick-up day will be Saturday, June 3, 2023 at our annual Arbor Day celebration in Crescent Drive Park.

Why should we plant more trees?

Winnipeg’s urban canopy is under threat by Dutch elm disease (DED) and emerald ash borer (EAB), as well as the effects of climate change. Winnipeg is at risk of losing approximately two-thirds of its urban canopy and is currently losing thousands of trees annually. Such losses can be attributed to a monoculture planting of the past, where only a few types of trees made up the majority of the canopy.

Why is diversity of tree species Important?

Diversity is not just a buzzword. Planting a diversity of trees on your own property is a great way to help preserve our iconic green urban canopy, as well as providing the climatic, environmental, economic, and social benefits associated with trees. Tree diversity is most important to a healthy urban forest environment in the future and is an insurance to the unprecedented effects of climate change.

How many trees are in a “tree package”?

Each package will come with one to two trees (depending on package selected), a bag of mulch, and a trunk guard for each tree (if needed).

I only want one type of tree and not the other tree in the package. Can I substitute one tree for another?

Unfortunately, we cannot substitute certain trees in the packages for others. The mixture of trees is part of the ReLeaf initiative to promote tree diversity in Winnipeg. Some single tree packages are included because they have special characteristics that address other canopy issues. 

You can ask about tree donations by emailing office@treeswinnipeg.org

Can I plant these trees outside the city?

ReLeaf is made possible in part due to the support of the City of Winnipeg, and trees are selected for the conditions present throughout the Winnipeg urban area. Please indicate in your order if you intend to plant these trees outside of the city.

All trees MUST be planted in Winnipeg to be counted towards the One Million Tree Challenge. 

What size are the ReLeaf trees?

Every year, our ReLeaf trees vary in size depending on the species we’ve ordered and growing conditions. This spring, they are in 2-gallon containers, where the trees are a few years old and 3 to 5 feet tall.

How do I pickup my ReLeaf trees?

ReLeaf pickup day this fall is on Saturday, June 3, 2023 - we'll send you instructions with your order.

These trees are easy to transport, and most tree orders fit in a mid-sized car. Trees can sometimes be a bit messy, especially if they’ve been recently watered, so we recommend covering your car seat or trunk with a tarp or blanket.

Please note that we do not recommend you pick up your tree via bicycle; ReLeaf trees can be as tall as 5 feet, so a vehicle is strongly recommended.

What if I miss the tree pick-up date? 

Unfortunately, we cannot hold trees past the designated pick-up date. If trees are not collected, they will be donated on your behalf and planted in Winnipeg. Refunds are not provided on trees not picked up.

We work with volunteers make ReLeaf happen. This keeps our costs low so that we can offer quality trees for less than retail price.

Can I plant these trees on the boulevard?

Due to their size, ReLeaf trees are not suitable for city boulevards as they can be easily damaged by vandalism or snow-clearing equipment. They also must be watered frequently for the first years after they are planted.

The City of Winnipeg has very specific requirements when selecting trees for boulevards. If you would like to have a tree planted on your boulevard, contact 311 or arrange to pay for the tree planting yourself through the City’s homeowner agreement.